Building Corporate Culture At Nghe An Water Supply Limited Company

Nowadays, developing corporate culture is an urgent requirement of any company in integration process. Corporate culture is the personality of a company and it can’t be faked. Through social networks, review sites and word-of-mouth, a company’s culture is revealed. If employees are happy and fit in the culture, the company gets a strong name and more people want to work there.


Signed hereby, certify hereby: “Building Corporate culture at Nghe An water supply limited company” is my own research. The content and figures presented in the thesis reflect a true and fair situation of the internship organization. I also declare that my research results have not been previously or concurrently published  in any other works.


Culture is a driving force in today’s organizations. Adopting  corporate culture  will  create  an unique style and attitude  for  each  company, creating  centripetal  force  for the entire company, helps  companies  boost  innovation  and  invention, and  attract  more customers. The  graduation  thesis   represents  the  results  of  research  on  building  corporate  culture Nghe An water supply limited company. The  objectives  of  the  graduation thesis  were  to understand the manifestations of corporate culture in Nghe An water supply limited company and then give some recommendations to improve corporate culture of this company.  


I owe a debt of gratitude to many people who helped me to complete this graduation thesis. I would like to acknowledge all of them.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor Mrs. Truong Thi Minh Hanh, M.A, lecturer of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Academy of  Finance, for her whole hearted guidance and support. Without her valuable commendation, this thesis can not come to an end.

My sincere thanks also go to all teachers of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Academy of Finance.

I would like to acknowledge Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, the director of Nghe An water supply limed company for creating favorable conditions for me to word at the company.

Moreover, I would like to extend my special thanks to Ms Nguyen Van Anh, the manager of business department, Nghe An water supply limed company for providing me authentic and up-to-date information relating to current situation at the company for the fulfillment of this paper.

I also want to convey my sincere thanks to all staff of  Nghe An water supply limed company for their kindness.  Without their kind support, I could not finish my research.

I would like to express my deepest appreciations to my classmate and friends, for their hearted-felt assistance and encouragement.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the encouragement and strong support from my beloved family. Without their love and dedication , this paper would not be translated into reality.


Abbreviations Full phrase
NAWASCO  Nghe An water supply company
Dept  Department


Figure 1.1 – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Figure 1.2 – Levels of Corporate Culture Figure 1.3- Corporate culture-iceberg’s principle Figure 2.1- Nghe An water supply limited company Figure 2.2- NAWASCO’s Logo

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DECLARATION i ABSTRACT ii ACKNOWLEDGMENT iii LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS iv LIST OF FIGURES v INTRODUCTION 1 CHAPTER 1:LITERATURE REVIEW 4 1.1.Definition of corporate culture 4 1.1.1 Definition of corporate culture 4 1.2. Forming factors of corporate culture 5 1.2.1 Key business processes 5 1.2.2. Employees and other tangible assets 6 1.2.3. Formal arrangements 6 1.2.4. Dominant coalition 6 1.2.5. The social system 6 1.2.6. Technology 6 1.2.7. The external environment 7 1.3 Impacts of corporate culture on the development of a corporation 7 1.3.1. Creating the unique manner and attitude for each corporation               7 1.3.2. Creating the centripetal force for the whole company 7 1.3.3. Fostering innovation and invention 9 1.3.4. Creating the competitive advantage of the corporation 9 1.3.5. . Attracting customers 9 1.4. Levels of corporate culture 10 1.4.1 Observable artifacts 12 1.4.2. Espoused beliefs and values 13 1.4.3. Basic underlying assumptions 15 1.5 The role of leader – key factor creating corporate culture of an organization 17 CHAPTER 2:THE STUDY 19 2.1 An overview of Nghe An water supply limited company 19 2.2 . Levels and manifestations of corporate culture in Nghe An water supply limited company 23 2.2.1. Artifact level and its manifestations 23 2.2.2. Espoused beliefs and values 30 2.2.3. The basic underlying assumption 33 CHAPTER 3:RECOMMENDATIONS 35 3.1. Recommendations to Nghe An water supply limited company 35 3.1.1. Improving the influence of core values inside and outside the company 35 3.1.2. Considering  leadership  style  as  the  decisive  element  in  building  and  developing corporate culture 36 3.1.3. Building the specific value system 38 3.1.4. PR and face-to-face communication with customers 39 CONCLUSION 41 REFERENCES 42


  1. Rationale of the study

Culture of a corporation is not only the surface manifestation like  dressing,  office’s  decoration,  language  but also the moral  standard,  the  leadership style, the behavior within company, etc. These elements create the prestige and brand name for all types of companies in general and for limited  companies in particular.

Regarding corporate culture, people often think to “3P” philosophy : people-product-profit.  According to the importance of three elements, each enterprise might have different ways of behavior in business. Nghe An water supply limited company (NAWASCO) is one of the largest limited companies in Viet Nam.With this company, besides concentrating on  profit,  the  quality  and  the  diversity  of  services,  human  resource  is  the  first concern.  NAWASCO  always  tries  to  care  about  the  material  and  spiritual  life  of employees;  respect  and  encourage  the  initiation  and  creation  of  staffs. During  the  process  of  international  business integration,  corporate  culture  will  be  the  key  factor  which  helps  NAWASCO overcome the challenges and is the key for sustainable development of the company.

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