Marketing Solutions To Enhance The Competitiveness Of Novaon Idc

TABLE OF CONTENT CHAPTER 1: LITERATURE REVIEW 1 1.1. Concepts and delimit the content of the research topic 1.1.1 Concepts of marketing and marketing mix 1.1.2 Delimitations of the content of the research topic 5 1.2. Competitiveness and competitive marketing………………………… 10 1.2.1 Definition of competitiveness and competitive marketing Competitiveness: .”11 1.2.2 The views on competition marketing 11 CHAPTER 2: THE STUDY 13 2.1 An overview of Novaon IDC Online Data Joint Stock Company 2.1.1 The process of formation and development 13 2.1.2 The organizational structure of the company and characteristic of business 15 2.1.3 A glance of online data distributing market 18 2.1.4 The influence of environmental factors to the company’s marketing solutions 20 2.2 Results of the analysis…………………………………………………22 2.2.1 The application of 4Ps of the company 23 2.2.2. The author’s assessment on Nova’s marketing strategies 31 CHAPTER 3: RECOMMENDATIONS 33 3.1. Nova’s development direction 33 3.2. Recommendations aimed at improving the competitiveness of NOVAON IDC Online Data Joint Stock Company 34 3.2.1. Products 34 3.2.2. Price 35 3.2.3. Promotion 35 3.2.4 Place 36 3.2.5 People 36 CONCLUSION 37

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  • Rationale of the study

In the market economy, international economic integration, competition is getting fiercer, to company can effective business must be able to research market, market forecast good,  thus giving the price policy, product, distribution channel, or planning communication programs most effective way. Marketing plays an important role mainstream. After several years of development, so far Vietnam PC market still has great appeal. When consumers have high affordability and benefit from computer more and more, maximum support to the users, So the need to buy a computer, using a computer and internet access of human to growing, with rich demand. The demand of the consumer need to buy the computer is increasing quickly than before. Currently, in the market, has the participation of many companies specializing in deployment of marketing products and services to improve competitiveness. Many companies specializing in Mar products emerge to improve their business as Web…. competitiveness and develop the quality of human life, such as professional Web Design, Domain Names, Hosting, Virtual Servers, VPS servers, digital signature … The firms are racing against each other strive for quality service, the variety of products, services and constantly offer programs stimulate consumption. The companies race about the service quality, the variety of product and more consumption stimulating. In general, demand for high-tech products and computer products have trends to increase sharply, not only to handle the huge volume of work but also that serves both learning activities and entertainment. Therefore, profit opportunities of businesses providing computer products and services computer is very high. Along with that is the fierce competition between manufacturers, distributors, suppliers together. May include the suppliers have names ahead, quite prestigious as  P.A Viet Nam ltd, FPT Telecom, Mat Bao Corporation…


The Nova’s company does not stop at the product quality but also provided the service quality and price with many attractive promotion programs. Every day, there are more products launched from new companies, with the superiority over with product earlier. This is one of the reasons for shorten the lifecycle of product and reduce the price, competing on price isn’t effective as before. To survive and grow, the business enterprises are facing challenges to find new competitive tools, more effective. The integration of the world economy and WTO is not only advantage but also disadvantage for Novaon IDC’s company.  There are so many challenges require the companies must be overcome to survive and thrive. Typically, they has penetrated into Vietnam market, the pie is divided into smaller parts, the competitive advantage shrinks that is why the competitive power is an important key to survive and make stronger important thing for any business how to survive and stronger. In this period , Novaon IDC competitiveness is not high, while marketing activities can’t  yet be properly invested. 1.2. Aims of the study The goal of the research was to propose a specific marketing strategy, in line with company resources and market conditions. This strategy will serve as orientation for all operations of the company, so that this activity takes place systematic, methodical, professional and long-term. Aiming for, topics will address four specific tasks:

  • Establish a theoretical basis of marketing solutions to enhance the competitiveness of the company.
  • Understanding the business situation, the status of company marketing activities Novaon IDC in recent years.
  • Reality and marketing solutions and the current competitiveness of the  Novaon IDC Online Data Joint Stock Company.
  • Recommendation some marketing solutions to increase the competitiveness of the Company Novaon IDC provided market data solutions online of Vietnam.
  • Scope of the study

Scope of the Study: Research to clearly define the reality of the company and the competitors, the strengths that the company has to develop and overcome the remaining weaknesses in order to find solutions and recommendations for marketing of the Novaon IDC Online Data Joint Stock Company in 2013- 2015 period.The solution proposed in the subject also to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the market offer web services to enhance business competitiveness, which focuses mainly on the market  Northern

  • Organization of the Study

  Computer appeared long ago and had an indispensable role in the lives of human beings. The advent of the computer has marked a turning point in developing new and more modern civilization for the whole society. So far the computer keeps finalized brought many conveniences, maximum support to the users. Computer’s product is also increasingly rich and diverse, giving customers a lot of choices. Unlike in developed countries, the demand for regular supply of marketing solutions for businesses already saturated, with a developing countries like Vietnam, this is still a very potential market. The need to use the product for service in Vietnam websites of organizations, enterprise, families and individuals increased with the process of industrialization, modernization and international economic integration. Therefore, it is give an effectiveness marketing solutions to enhance the competitiveness of Novaon IDC companies. In this study consists of three main chapters. Chapter 1: Literature review, which includes concept and delimit the content of the research topic and competitiveness and competitive marketing, chapter 2: The study includes competitiveness and competitive marketing and results of the analysis and conclusion, chapter 3: recommendations includes Nova’s development direction and recommendations aimed at improving the competitiveness of NOVAON IDC Online Data Joint Stock Company. After a period of internship at the company, I realized that, in order to improve the competitiveness of companies in the market Novaon product supply professional websites, towards achieving the sales target, market share, the set off a long-term marketing strategy in general and in each particular stage of development is extremely important. Therefore you choose the theme: “”MARKETING SOLUTIONS TO ENHANCE THE COMPETITIVENESS OF NOVAON IDC

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